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  • Yvonne

Photograph Your Dog's Nose and Paws

Do One Thing: June 2019. This article is part of the 2019 "Do One Thing' series, which focuses on one small project we can do each month to support our dog's health.


How much do we all love taking pictures of our dogs - my phone is loaded with pictures of Jake and Coral! In addition to being a cherished record of our dog's accomplishments, growth and integral part of our lives, pictures of our dogs can play an important role in monitoring any changes in their health.

Your assignment for June ... 

Take pictures of your dog's paw pads and nose and save them in your album. If you have an adult dog and have pictures from when your dog was a puppy that show their nose and paw pads, save those in the same album so that you can compare them.

This is a tip I learned from Dr. Judy Morgan when I attended her all day Pet Health Seminar. Gradual changes in your dog's nose and paw pads may be an early signal that your dog is experiencing a change in health. (Not to be confused with 'snow nose', or weather related paw irritation).  

Changes over time in your dog's nose or paws could be an early warning sign that your dog may have allergies, a food intolerance or nutritional deficiency, yeast overgrowth, endocrine issues, skin irritation, or gait difficulties. Since it can be difficult to remember what our dog's nose or paw pads looked like a year or more ago - or during puppy hood - pictures will be an excellent aid, and helpful information when you visit your veterinarian. 

Often small changes in our dog's health status may go unnoticed over months and years, and when we're proactive we have a better chance of addressing health concerns early on.

This is going to be a fun and easy challenge! 

Just joining us? Click here to begin the series!

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