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Maybelline's Healthy Heart: Update!

I am completely thrilled to share a good news update with you! 

In February, I told you about some diet adjustments and additions I made a year ago for Maybelline and Abner, two beautiful and delightful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. A routine vet appointment showed that Maybelline had developed a heart murmur, and a follow up echo-cardiogram confirmed that she was in the early stages of Mitral Valve Disease. The Veterinary Cardiologist commented: "I am concerned about this breed and its rapidity of developing heart failure when compared to other breeds after the onset of a murmur of this magnitude..."

Maybelline's family contacted me for help and we took immediate steps to support Maybelline and Abner's hearts through food and supplements. 

An echo-cardiogram 6 months later showed that there had been no change in either dogs' hearts - which was very good news. At that point, we were very encouraged, but not totally sure what impact the diet adjustments were making on the dogs' hearts, however, we knew they should continue with the 'healthy heart diet'. 

Maybelline and Abner's family shared more good news with me recently: 

Both Cavaliers had repeat echo-cardiograms performed 1 year after the initial diagnosis: Maybelline, age 8, has not had any significant change in her mitral valve while Abner, age 9, continues to be free from MVD.

In his report on Maybelline the Cardiologist wrote: 

"I am exceedingly pleased to report that valvular disease has not significantly progressed in this CKCS. This finding is very unusual and encouraging at once suggesting very good results of your ancillary therapy."

I get goosebumps reading this! It would appear that the diet adjustments and supplements have had a direct impact on slowing the progression on valvular disease in Maybelline, and the Cardiologist agrees!

Maybelline and Abner's family are overjoyed - as am I - at this amazing news and we are now confident in the role that diet is having on the heart health, and overall good health of both dogs. 

Maybelline and Abner continue to be the picture of good health; full of energy, zest for life, and charming all who meet them! 

Click here to read about Maybelline and Abner's healthy heart plan.

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