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  • Yvonne

Health Benefits of a Raw Diet For Dogs

When I tell people that I feed an NRC formulated, raw diet to my two golden retrievers, Jake and Coral, I'm often met with a puzzled expression. 

If the idea of feeding your dog a raw diet seems completely strange and new to you, don't worry, you are not alone.

I think the vast majority of pet parents believe that kibble is the only healthy 'food' option for their dog, and that anything else is potentially dangerous. How many times are we told that dogs should never have 'people food'?

Pause for a moment and think about all the images in the media of puppies and dogs devouring a bowl of dry kibble. Pet parents are heavily marketed to by pet food manufacturers. Our vets are marketed to by pet food manufacturers, who then in turn market to us during our pet's veterinary appointments. 

Perhaps it is fear, repeated use of scare tactics from large pet food manufacturers, and a lack of knowledgeable guidance that keeps pet parents from considering fresh food diets for their pets; however, there is a better, healthier, much more natural way to feed our dogs than processed kibble and canned food diets.

Food is everything. What we eat matters. What our dogs eat matters.

When I say "raw diet" I mean a correct raw diet that covers all of a dog's nutritional requirements. A raw/ fresh food diet is not better for your dog if it is not balanced or deficient in nutrients.

Pet parents who feed their dog a nutritionally correct, species appropriate raw or gently cooked diet often report:

  • Significant improvements in digestive issues (Jake's colitis was cured with a raw diet)

  • Firmer, smaller stools; less trouble with anal glands

  • Shiny coats and healthy skin

  • Improvements in eye and ear health

  • Fresher breath; better oral health

  • Less itching

  • Improved cognition and memory

  • Improved immunity and better long term health

  • Protection against many chronic health conditions

This site is dedicated to helping dogs live healthy lives through the nutritional power of fresh, whole foods.

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