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Feed the Fall Harvest

Do One Thing: October, 2019. This article is part of the 2019 "Do One Thing" series, which focuses on one small project we can do each month to support our dog's health.


Autumn is a glorious season and the fall harvest in Canada is an ideal time for all of us - dogs and people alike - to enjoy fresh, locally grown produce. 

Many health and wellness experts recommend that we eat food that is locally grown and ripens in the same season as they are eaten.  Fruit and vegetables that are picked before ripening, and then shipped from far distances can lose some of their nutritional and health benefits. Eating locally and seasonally usually means that the flavour and nutrients in fresh vegetables and fruit are maximized. At the same time, we can support our local farmers, and may be able to purchase organically grown produce that might otherwise be too costly. 

Both you and your dog can enjoy the nutritional benefits of local farm to table produce. (Of course, since local fresh produce isn't available year round we must rely on vegetables and fruit from other countries.)

Your assignment for October ...

Feed local, seasonal veggies and fruit to your dog.  In Ontario, fall fruits and vegetables include: cranberries, apples, green and yellow beans, beets, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin, squash, and zucchini. Look for organic produce where possible. Organic produce is free from pesticide residue, and pesticides are not good for you or your dog.

While we're on the topic of organic food... I realize that organic is simply not possible or available for many people - let alone their dogs.  However, we may be able to access local, organic fruits and vegetables. 

The second part of this assignment  (if you have a large freezer), is to puree and freeze some fresh produce to use throughout the coming months. Ice cube trays and mini muffin tins are very handy for portioning and freezing fresh veggies, which can then be stored in containers in your freezer. Your dog needs to have his vegetables pureed, or in some cases, very lightly steamed.

I share lots of tips to save money and time preparing vegetables and fruit for your dog in this article.

Follow along with me on Instagram in October to see how I will be joining this challenge along with you!

As always, I encourage you to research and make the best decisions for your dog.

Just joining us and want to start the challenges from the beginning? Click here to begin the series!

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