What we feed our dogs has a profound impact on their health. The food you choose for your dog is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Hippocrates' famous quote:  "All disease begins in the gut", to me, also means that good health begins in the gut. It all comes back to food. 

I help people learn about how to feed fresh food diets to their dogs. I am available for individual telephone consultations offered in blocks of 30 minutes. 

Telephone consultations are ideal for the pet parent who wants knowledgeable, friendly information on dog nutrition and dog health topics. Calls are geared towards nutritional support for your dog.

Here are just a few areas I can help with:

  • nutrition counseling

  • proactive nutritional support for your dog

  • raw dog food education

  • practical strategies for implementing a raw diet

  • evaluation of your dog's current diet and suggestions for improvements and enhancements

  • how to enhance kibble diets with fresh food additions

  • foods and supplements that best support your dog in their current state of health

  • dog health coaching








Please note that I am not a veterinarian or veterinarian nutritionist and cannot diagnose, treat or offer medical advice for your dog. Consultations are focused on nutrition and education.


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