Hello! I'm Yvonne

I'm a Canine Nutrition Specialist.


I'm happy you're here! This site is a resource for anyone who is interested in helping their dog live a happy and healthy life through lifestyle and fresh, species appropriate food!


With a philosophy of 'Food is Everything', I believe that feeding fresh, whole foods to our dogs is key to their best health, and improved longevity.

I publish a free newsletter each month, which is jam-packed with dog nutrition tips and information. You can also follow me on Instagram @therealyvonneking. My two Golden Retrievers, Jake and Coral, are known to make frequent appearances!

Canine nutrition is an ever-evolving field, and for that reason, I pride myself in staying up to date on the latest published research. In addition to my formal coursework, I’m continuously learning through webinars, online conferences, and independent research projects. I’ve also been invited to speak at various dog nutrition events and I'm looking forward to resuming workshops and speaking events!


  • Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist, Certification, DNU

  • Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist, Certification, DNU

  • Canine Nutrition Foundations, audit, TPC

  • Pet Food Nutrition Specialist, Certification, DNU

  • Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist, Certification, DNU

  • Nutrition & Herbs for Common Canine Conditions, TPC

  • Complete Canine Nutrition, Master Class & Coaching Program

  • Bachelor of Education, University of Toronto


Currently EnrolledCanine Diet Formulation, Certification


Additional Coursework:

  • Dog Emotion and Cognition, Certificate, Duke University

Associate Member of the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies

Good To Know!

Please use the information on this website as a starting point for your own research on topics related to dog health and nutrition.  I am not a veterinarian. This site is not intended to diagnose, prognose, or treat your dog and is not a substitute for veterinarian advice or care.


The information on this site is of a general nature, and may not necessarily apply to your dog. 

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