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Consultations & Services

​Hippocrates' famous quote:  "All disease begins in the gut" to me means that good health also begins in the gut. It all comes back to food. 

Collaboration and education are the foundation of my canine nutrition services (I used to be a classroom teacher), and a telephone call is an important part of my process. I learn a lot about your dog during this phone call and it's an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to discuss targeted nutrition for your dog.

Once you have chosen a service, please complete my Contact Form (or email and include a few details about your dog and his food. I will respond within a few days to get some more information, if needed. 


From there I will email you my Intake Questionnaire and book our phone call. The intake questionnaire gives me a snapshot of your dog's current diet, food preferences, eating style, and state of health.

I am not a veterinarian cannot diagnose, treat or offer medical advice for your dog. Consultations are focused on nutrition and education.


Please note there may be a 2-3 week wait for services. Services and fees will be changing Spring 2023.

 Telephone Consultation - $50 

Telephone consultations are ideal for pet parents who want knowledgeable, friendly guidance on diet and nutrition for their dog. 

While this service does not include a recipe or an in-depth diet review, you can look forward to a clear, information-packed session that will help you make diet, nutrition, and wellness related decisions for your dog.

If you have more than one dog, please book separate consultations. 45 minutes goes by surprisingly quickly!

In Canada, consults are by telephone. Calls outside of Canada are via audio only Zoom.

Included in this Service:

  • Evaluation of your dog's intake questionnaire

  • 45 minute telephone call


Need to have a follow-up call?  We can book a 30 minute call for $25. Must be for the same dog, within 3 months of original consultation.

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 Diet Review & Recommendations - $110 

This service is for pet parents whose dog is doing well on their current food, whether kibble or raw, and would like recommendations for fresh food additions and supplements. 


This is a proactive plan for generally healthy adult dogs. Dogs must be at a healthy weight, have good stools overall, and no suspected food intolerances or environmental allergies. I look at your dog as an individual and provide recommendations that take into account breed, age, activity level, weight, health status and owner preference.

Here's how I can help!

Kibble Diets: Level Up the quality of your dog's kibble diet with thoughtfully chosen fresh food additions. With this service I'll evaluate your dog's current kibble and then replace a small portion of daily caloric requirements with fresh food and recommended supplements.  

Dogs must be eating within the kibble manufacturer's feeding guidelines. Reach out if you have any questions about this.

Commercial Raw Diets: I've targeted this service towards pet parents who have chosen to feed commercial raw food and and may follow a "ratio" or "prey model" type of diet. With this service I'll provide feedback on your dog's current raw diet and guidance on filling in known nutritional gaps using fresh food additions and recommended supplements.

This does not include a recipe or meal plan, but will assist raw feeders in improving the nutritional quality of the diet. Due to the nature of this style of feeding it is not possible to guarantee the diet will be balanced to NRC standards.

Included in each Diet Review & Recommendations: 

  • Evaluation of your dog's intake questionnaire

  • Diet review and adjustments

  • 30 minute telephone call to discuss my recommendations

  • Follow-up email summary of the main points of our conversation, recommendations of fresh food and supplement additions, links to products or resources. I typically have the email summary ready within 5 business days of our phone call

If you have any questions about this service or to see if it is a fit for you and your dog please email me.

Important information about commercial raw diets: I place a high priority on using nutritional science when creating diets and providing guidance. I also recognize that some pet parents like the convenience of commercial raw food. In Canada (and other countries) the current raw dog food market does not require products to meet nutritional requirements and this has left many dogs at risk of deficiencies. My goal with this service is to improve the diet as much as possible. Nutrition is a process and where pet parents are today, may not be where they are in the months or years to come. 

 Custom Formulated Recipe - $150 

Add a custom formulated recipe to an already purchased service. 

The gold standard of optimal nutrition is a customized diet that meets all of your dog's nutritional requirements at proper caloric amounts. With this service I will formulate a personalized complete and balanced raw or cooked recipe for your dog, guided by his breed, age, and lifestyle. 


This service is for adult dogs without health challenges and not in need of a therapeutic diet to manage or support their health condition.


Dogs must have good stools and no undiagnosed allergies or food intolerances. Seniors with typical age-related health concerns are welcome.

At this time, formulation services are only available after the purchase of either a Telephone Consultation or Diet Review & Recommendations.

Included in this service: 

  • Formulation questionnaire

  • Quick call to discuss the formulation

  • Complete and balanced recipe including the nutritional analysis, preparation instructions and transition tips, and links to all required supplements

  • 1 month of follow up support via email (Monday to Thursday)

  • Recipes are formulated to NRC Recommended Allowances

Add a second recipe after the first has been introduced -  $75

Need to have a follow-up call?  We can book a 30 minute call for $25. Must be for the same dog, within 2 months of recipe delivery and no changes in health of your dog.

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 Dog Nutrition Seminars  

On Hold...

I have enjoyed being the guest speaker at dog nutrition seminars and dog-focused events throughout the GTA. I am excited to resume nutrition workshops and events in the near future. 

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