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What we feed our dogs has a profound impact on their health. The food you choose for your dog is one of the most important decisions you will make. Feeding fresh whole foods is the key to our dogs' best health.

Hippocrates' famous quote:  "All disease begins in the gut", to me, also means that good health begins in the gut. It all comes back to food. 

I help pet parents learn about fresh food diets for their dogs. Collaboration and education (I used to be a classroom teacher) are the foundation of my canine nutrition services and a 45 minute telephone call is an important part of my process. I learn about your dog during this phone call and it's an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to discuss targeted nutrition for your dog.


Once you have chosen a service, please email me,, and include a few details about your dog. I will respond within a few days to get some more information, if needed.


From there we will book a time for our telephone call and I will send you my intake questionnaire. The intake questionnaire gives me a snapshot of your dog's current diet, food preferences, eating style, and state of health.


And then we get started on the path to fresh food nutrition for your dog!

I recommend that you take a few minutes and Read about My Approach to Canine Wellness to find out more about my approach to dog health and wellness.

Payment via e-transfer or PayPal is accepted.

I am not a veterinarian cannot diagnose, treat or offer medical advice for your dog. Consultations are focused on nutrition and education.

Telephone Consultation


Telephone consultations are ideal for pet parents who want knowledgeable, friendly guidance on nutrition for their dog. 

This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and receive suggestions on nutrition and wellness for your dog, whether you have a puppy or a senior.


Phone calls are geared towards nutritional support for your dog. I am not able to diagnose or treat health conditions in your dog.


If you have more than one dog, consider booking separate consultations. 45 minutes goes by surprisingly quickly!

Included in this Service:

  • Evaluation of your intake questionnaire

  • 45 minute telephone call

Not Included in this Service:

  • Recipe

  • Detailed diet analysis

  • Product evaluations. I am only able to offer 'on the spot' impressions of products which will take up time during the consultation

  • Guarantee that my suggestions or recommendations will be a fit for your dog

To book a Telephone Consultation email me:

Custom Formulated Recipe

Coming soon!


Add a proactive custom formulated recipe to an already purchased service.


Recipes are formulated to NRC Recommended Allowances.

This service is for healthy adult dogs.

Diet Review & Recommendations


This service is for pet parents who are satisfied with their dog's current food, whether kibble, cooked, or raw, and would like to optimize their dog's diet with fresh food additions chosen  specifically for them.

This is a proactive plan for healthy adult dogs who are doing well on their current diet. They must have good stools, no undiagnosed or suspected food intolerances or environmental allergies.

I can make minor nutrient adjustments to the diet (i.e. add Omega-3s or add a manganese supplement). However, if your dog's diet is missing several essential nutrients, I will email you before beginning the project and suggest either a Telephone Consultation to discuss, a Meal Plan Makeover, or cancellation of the booking.

This service is for one dog. I am not able to diagnose or treat health conditions in your dogs.

Included in this service: 

  • Evaluation of your intake questionnaire

  • Diet analysis

  • 45 minute telephone call to discuss my recommendations

  • Follow-up email summary of the main points of our conversation, recommendations of fresh food and supplement additions, links to products or resources. I typically have the email summary ready within 3 business days of our phone call

Not included in this service:

  • Recipe

  • Food or supplements

  • Guarantee that my suggestions and recommendations will be a fit for your dog

  • Guarantee that the diet will be balanced to NRC

If you have any questions about this service or to see if it is a fit for you and your dog please email me.

To book a Diet Review & Recommendations email me:

Dog Nutrition Seminars

I have enjoyed being the guest speaker at dog nutrition seminars and dog-focused events throughout the GTA. I am excited to resume nutrition workshops and events once gatherings are allowed. 

Meal Plan Makeover

Coming soon

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